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Please watch our Store for a selection of cute, lovable, cuddly rag dolls. Anissa thinks they are adorable. She would love to keep them all, but it is vitally important that all of the    Little Patching Buddies find a new home.  Their mission is to help their new friends be a little more comfortable in their patching experience and not feel so alone.

The dolls measure just under 14 inches.  the doll will come as pictured with the patch on the left eye unless you specify patching the right eye.  This request must be done while ordering.


                   Boy dolls, as well as girl dolls are available.

Also, the doll comes with a free patch for your child and a chart where the child can promise their Little Patching Buddy that they will wear their patch like the doctor says.  On the chart they can place stickers (included) on the days they wear their patch.

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